We, the United Academics of UNM, strive to empower teaching and research faculty at the University of New Mexico. Faculty working conditions have a direct impact on student learning conditions and, as those entrusted with the research and teaching mission of the university, faculty need a strong voice in decisions concerning UNM’s future.

By building our union for faculty voice, we are working to ensure that the university honors its commitment to the diverse communities we serve.

Together, our pursuit of collective bargaining and a seat at the table is aimed to:​

  • Ensure shared governance and transparency in decision making

  • Provide a fair and equitable workplace and learning environment

  • Establish a fair process to address compensation, benefits, and grievance procedures

  • Protect academic freedom, open inquiry, and free speech

  • Foster diversity and serve vulnerable populations

  • Recruit and retain outstanding faculty

​Through a united commitment to workplace protections, we can safeguard the promise of our university for the public good.


Our Constitution is the governing document of UA-UNM. It determines membership and dues; organizational structure; roles and responsibilities; elections procedures; bargaining and ratification processes; a schedule for meetings; and processes for amending our constitution.

Click here to read the full UA-UNM Constitution (as voted on by an overwhelming majority of UA-UNM members).  

Click here to read the Summary of the UA-UNM Constitution.