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Spring 2024 Election Results

Thank you to everyone who supported UA-UNM by voting in the Officer and Representative Assembly Elections. We are pleased to announce the election results. The following individuals, who were elected by an overwhelming majority of voters, will serve a two-year term beginning in May 2024.

President: Ernesto Longa

Secretary: Jessica Goodkind

Treasurer: Saurabh Ahluwaila

Equity: Nahir Otaño Gracia, Jesús Costantino

VP Unit 2: Beth Ratay

VP Albuquerque: Manel Martínez-Ramón

VP Gallup: Keri Stevenson

VP Taos: Gary Cook 

VP Valencia: Scott Kamen 


Representative Assembly

Arts & Sciences Unit 1: Satya Witt

Education & Human Sciences Unit 1: Laura Haniford

Fine Arts Unit 1: Paula Corbin Swalin

University Libraries & Learning Sciences Unit 1: Glenn Koelling

Honors Unit 1: Chris Holden

Honors Unit 2: Richard Obenauf

Valencia Unit 1: Anicca Cox

Valencia Unit 2: Karen Walter


We are grateful to these elected officials for sharing their knowledge, expertise, and time. Through their leadership and your involvement, our union will continue to develop and grow to the benefit of all.


UA-UNM welcomes the contributions of anyone who wants to become more involved with our union.

Email us at to learn more.

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